Thursday, March 5, 2015

So You Never Filed a Tax Return (Or Almost Never)...What to Do? Why File Your Returns? The Benefits to Doing so Might Surprise You!

So you are a house-cleaner, artist, musician, teacher, carpenter, garage door installer, make-up artist, writer, builder, welder or any number of trades-people. You have never (or almost never) have filed a Federal not to mention a State tax return.  

The reasons for not filing returns and not paying income taxes make sense:

*You missed one year and then stopped filing.
*Your ex-wife or ex-husband used to handle the taxes and you just gave up.
*You always hope to file but you don't have the money to pay the taxes and so another year goes by. 
*It's hard enough being a small businessperson to worry about the taxes.

These are all good reasons, but more importantly what might get you to break the habit?

The missed benefits are more important than the fears of not filing returns:

Restoring your social security benefits.

Qualifying for affordable health insurance.

The possibility of settling your debt with the IRS and wiping the slate clean.

Getting rid of the fear of looking over your shoulder for the IRS to investigate you.

If you desire these benefits, than you are in the right place. 

Washington Tax Services, a staff of licensed tax professionals, specializes at helping the "non-filer" and bringing clarity to people the benefits to filing tax returns. We don't judge. We welcome all - regardless of your political viewpoint, economic situation or whatever brought you to this juncture. WE promise to fully explain the pros and cons to "getting back into the tax system."  The choice to move forward is completely yours. You can learn more at our main blog: Get Back into the Tax System -- designed to reach people who are paralyzed and afraid to come out of the shadows.

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